Lens Fresh

Extra Strength Contact Lens Cleaner

Lens Fresh Extra Strength Contact Lens Cleaner

Lens Fresh is the leading contact lens cleaner on the market. Comparable to CVS Contact Lens Cleaner, Lens Fresh is not multipurpose solution; it thoroughly disinfects your contact lenses. Lens Fresh is the same formula as Miraflow. Now you can order your very own bottle today.

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Contents: Purified water, isopropyl alcohol 15.7% w/w, poloxomer 407, amphoteric 10.

Directions: Remove lens and place in palm of hand. Apply 1-2 drops of cleaner to both surfaces of lens. Gently rub lens with forefinger of opposite hand for 15-20 seconds. Rinse thoroughly with sterlie saline for soft contact lenses. Place lens in storage case. Repeat with other lens. Disinfect lenses as per your lens care professional's directions.

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